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Edward Barry Borden

Dear Sarah

PRESENTING:Presenting the Past through Children's Books: Saturday, 2/28, 10:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m., Congaree

Edward Barry Borden is the son of Norman E. Borden Jr., who originally published Dear Sarah in 1965. In the 1990ʼs Edward Borden obtained the copyright and decided to update the book and republish it for his children and those who like a good story about sailing ships in the 1840ʼs.

Dear Sarah is gleaned from letters Captain Charles Edward Barry (for whom Edward Borden is named) to his wife, Sarah. The letters were written while Barry and his crew sailed cargo ships to South America, Europe and around the Cape of Good Hope to India .

Edward Borden has three degrees (BA, Journalism; MA, English; and Ph.D. Higher Education Administration, with a cognate in English) from the University of South Carolina . Now retired, he taught English literature and creative writing to students at a local college.

While at USC, he studied under authors James Dickey (Deliverance); George Garrett (The Death of the Fox), and Ben Greer (Slammer).

Edward Borden flew as a navigator (5,600 hours) on active duty and in the Air Force Reserves. (His grandfather, Norman E. Borden Sr. was commander of the Vermont National Guard in WWI. His father flew in World War II and in Korea ). Edward Borden became a public affairs officer and had more than 60 Air Force-related magazine articles published.

Edward Borden has been devising a series of books about a huggable teddy bear, Alexander, who helps children survive difficult problems such as blindness and abandonment. He has just completed a novel, Adventure School , about three 12-year- old boys who survive a year in a South Carolina boarding school supervised by uncaring administrators.

Edward Borden's contributions include portraits and biographies of himself, his father, and his great aunt, Edith Cleves Barry, who was a prominent New York portrait artist. (The book is dedicated to Miss Barry.) He also performed manuscript editing and proof reading.

GENRE(S): History Young Adult (YA)